Though She Be Tired, She Be Here!

I appreciate all of my followers here and want you all to know I have not left!! I have started working 12hr days(not for long). I am working on new blog posts for you all and thank you for sticking around with my crazy ass. Also, I do plan on branching out on my content and including some *gasp* NSFW material?! Anywho, thank you for your continued support and I love you all!!!

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Podcast Recommendation: What’s Your Poison?

Unless you live under a rock (I’m sure it’s nice under there), you’ve heard a podcast and are probably subscribed to at least one if not millions. How many of those podcasts challenge your sense of comfort and/or educate you on topics you may be less than willing to research on your own?

Quote below from What’s Your Poison?

“Feeling uncomfortable just means there is something more to learn. Learning more about a subject means there is less room for misinterpretation and mystery. We fear what we do not understand and the oldest and most trusted way of teaching is by talking.”

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If This Brain Could Talk…

Hello again, my lovelies!

Welcome to another episode of the saga of Elle the Space Unicorn. In today’s episode, I’ll be talking about mental health. Specifically, what I deal with, the stigma I have encountered, and how I manage to keep myself traversing the plains of the Serengeti of my life.

***Trigger Warning***: I do speak about mental health and trauma in this post, so for those of you who feel squeamish around this topic, I recommend skipping this post.

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Under Construction



Currently working on creating a Facebook page for ETSU. It will be available soon for likes/follows. As soon as I have it up, YOU will be the first to know. Stay tuned for updates!

xoxo, Elle

Happy Free Pancake Day!

One of my favorite days of the year is IHOP’s Free Pancake Day. I’m a breakfast food addict. More specifically, pancakes and waffles. When I die, I’d like everyone to have a buffet meal of breakfast foods with all the trimmings. I’d also like some breakfast food sprinkled on my grave, but that just spells horror when crows come down and surround my gravestone.

This got dark really fast.

Let’s brighten things up with pancakes!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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In honor of this amazing day, I choose to celebrate the two women in my life who I thank Goddess for everyday. I hope I honor these women well.

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Portrait of a Dog.

Author’s note: Sadly, this month has been the most hectic month I have seen in a while. While I wanted to do a multi-post article about Black History Month, time was not on my side to get that completed and will be in another selection to be coming soon. However, I hope this article can help keep a smile on your face and a paw in your hand.

One of my passions is photography. Passed down to me from my late grandfather, photography has been an outlet that could never be graded, nor judged, nor analyzed unless my permission is granted.

Today, I stopped over my brother’s house to wait for a package to arrive. While waiting, I was able to take time to play with my dog-niece, Mocha. Mocha is the sweetest little one-year old beauty. Continue reading “Portrait of a Dog.”

Tick T.O.C. – A Gay Adventure

Hello again, my loves. Have I got a story to tell you?! The night of Saturday, February 23 at around 9:00PM EST, I went to my first gay club in Philadelphia, PA. (I also used an Über for the first time as well, but that ain’t news).


The Über drops us(my fiancé, myself and two friends) off. We walked down an alley, drunk and slurring patrons stumbling and bumbling by. They resembled slow-moving zombies you seen in movies or TV. If it wasn’t seeing their sober friends trying to hold them up as much as they could, I would have grabbed my friends to the safest hiding spot.

We make it around the corner, and there it is. Tavern on Camac, most known as T.O.C. Continue reading “Tick T.O.C. – A Gay Adventure”

I had to post this…

If only to prove that I am, in fact, Peter Piper.

Photo taken with my iPhone 8+. That’s a high-def pickled pepper.

xoxo, Elle