Tick T.O.C. – A Gay Adventure

Hello again, my loves. Have I got a story to tell you?! The night of Saturday, February 23 at around 9:00PM EST, I went to my first gay club in Philadelphia, PA. (I also used an Über for the first time as well, but that ain’t news).


The Über drops us(my fiancé, myself and two friends) off. We walked down an alley, drunk and slurring patrons stumbling and bumbling by. They resembled slow-moving zombies you seen in movies or TV. If it wasn’t seeing their sober friends trying to hold them up as much as they could, I would have grabbed my friends to the safest hiding spot.

We make it around the corner, and there it is. Tavern on Camac, most known as T.O.C. Continue reading “Tick T.O.C. – A Gay Adventure”

New Music: Thirty Seconds to Mars

The world has waited since their 2013 album LOVE, LUST, FAITH + DREAMS for any sign of new music. We were then treated to the release of ‘Walk on Water’ last year, a song that is nothing less than inspiring and the music video is breathtaking. Earlier this year, the band gave us ‘Dangerous Night’ which a heart-wrenching song about falling in love with undertones of darkness.

And today, the band released their new album, America.


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