Podcast Recommendation: What’s Your Poison?

Unless you live under a rock (I’m sure it’s nice under there), you’ve heard a podcast and are probably subscribed to at least one if not millions. How many of those podcasts challenge your sense of comfort and/or educate you on topics you may be less than willing to research on your own?

Quote below from What’s Your Poison?

“Feeling uncomfortable just means there is something more to learn. Learning more about a subject means there is less room for misinterpretation and mystery. We fear what we do not understand and the oldest and most trusted way of teaching is by talking.”

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Confidence + Kindness = Faith in Humanity restored.

I’m not sure if I linked an article I wrote entitled “Don’t let a denial stall your job search.” It was about how I was denied a position at the company I really want to work for and the position that I want to be my career.

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Article: Is Facebook’s ’10 Year Challenge’ just harmless nostalgia, or have we all been fooled?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Facebook’s and Instagram’s “Ten Year Challenge”. The purpose is to see your progression from 10 years ago to today. Simple as pie. Very innocent…right? I took a look at this article from MamaMia.

“Me 10 years ago: probably would have played along with the profile picture ageing meme going around on Facebook and Instagram,” she tweeted.

“Me now: ponders how all this data could be mined to train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition.” -Kate O’Neill, tech journalist

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Happy Friday, everyone!

If you ever feel bad about yourself, just remember George Bush was once informed that four Brazilian people were killed in Iraq and he responded “How many is a Brazilian?”

Just a bit of Friday humor to end what has been the longest week ever. At least, it’s been that way for me.

More Insta posts to come.

I swear I will start my YouTube videos soon.

My twitter is active by way of blog post shares and ask.fm and I promise to actually make individual tweets. So much socializing, even more for someone as introverted and anxiety-ridden as me.

Anywho, enjoy your weekend and Blessed Be!!

xoxo, Elle

Hopes for the future:

  • Write blog post detailing my Bullet Journal tips, tricks, and layout templates
  • Get better digital camera
  • Upload a video to YouTube(just have to pick a topic)
  • Create a FB page
  • Write blog post on mental health
  • Review my favorite films, tv shows, and podcasts
  • Share artwork and stories
  • Stay classy and sassy

Don’t let a denial stall your job search.

After hearing back from an employer I interviewed with that I did notget the job. Of course, this saddened me. Honestly, it pretty much depressed me for days. But I didn’t want to dwell on it. So I wrote an article addressing this on LinkedIn. Here’s a sneak peak.

“We’ve all been there. Excelled in your phone interview, displayed confidence in your on-site interview, and showed the company that you were the right fit and you were excited to continue on in the application process.

And then it happens. Be it a polite phone call or an email. “We have chosen to pursue another candidate/applicant”. It stings. When you thought all your ducks were in a row, you’d aced all the important interview questions and asked some of your own.”

Read more on LinkedIn

I hope this helps at least one person in the same struggle as I am. I would love to speak with people who like to discuss careers and opportunities for growth. It’s very enticing.

xoxo, Elle