Welcome to the World of Supermodel

Get ready to enter a new fashion phenomenon. World of Supermodel is a new online venture which will debut January 15th, 2019. Led by CEO, Tigan LaShay, WOS is sure to be an amazing and fresh take on the world of online shopping.

company logo
Credit: World of Supermodel

World of Supermodel will be powered by Shopify, an e-commerce platform for ambitious entrepreneurs worldwide. Shopify powers over 600K businesses, 1M active users, and $82B in sales. The website also handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping.

Established in Tampa, FL in 2018, this small business is already getting major hype. World of Supermodel’s Instagram has over 700+ followers and the fanbase is growing each day. WOS also has a FaceBook page.

Keep a watchful eye out for this fashionista’s rise to fame. As CEO, Tigan LaShay, says “The World is Yours. Take It!”

CEO, Tigan LaShay, slaying it as usual

xoxo, Elle



Back on the horse again…

Today, I have a callback interview at a company that is trustworthy, largest and oldest bank in DE Valley, and almost 200 years old. They also have a heavy presence in the community; the company has programs for students K-12, the homeless, and more.

I’m ready to blow them away.

xoxo, Elle

New Year, New Me…just kidding.

Goodbye 20Gayteen! You will be missed!!

Sorry to disappoint, but I’m still me. Same old kooky, femme-goth, pansexual, bipolar(diagnosed), delicate flower. But I actually made a New Year’s resolution! I aced the one for 2018 up until the end of November. My resolution was to keep up with my Bullet Journal. I absolutely loved doing it, but then Thanksgiving happened and I absolutely loathe this time of year so I decided to say f*** that. Then I decided to focus on my blog and also the novel I’m working on. Continue reading “New Year, New Me…just kidding.”