Podcast Recommendation: What’s Your Poison?

Unless you live under a rock (I’m sure it’s nice under there), you’ve heard a podcast and are probably subscribed to at least one if not millions. How many of those podcasts challenge your sense of comfort and/or educate you on topics you may be less than willing to research on your own?

Quote below from What’s Your Poison?

“Feeling uncomfortable just means there is something more to learn. Learning more about a subject means there is less room for misinterpretation and mystery. We fear what we do not understand and the oldest and most trusted way of teaching is by talking.”

My favorite podcast does this and so much more! What’s Your Poison is hosted by the marvelously multitalented Moxie!! In her own words: “I’m not patient, neat, quiet, complacent, or proper, but I am fucking great.” As her best friend, I concur on all points. My best friend is better than your best friend. Let me stop now before this post becomes nothing but me salivating on this Queen.

What’s Your Poison is a weekly podcast that discusses “a different sin, taboo, fetish, kink, obsession, addiction, or crime while drinking an appropriate alcoholic libation”. The inaugural episode, Scotch & Sexual Deviancy, is one of my favorite moments in history and a fantastic drinking game if you’re up for it. I drank a lot listening to that episode and I am not ashamed to admit it.

This week’s episode, Figenza & Fingering, features yours truly! We discuss the somewhat lost and/or misunderstood art of fingering while we drink a delicious gluten-free vodka made from Mediterranean figs. I am a lightweight. I only had a beer and a shot of Jack before having some Figenza. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

One of the best parts of the WYP podcast is the listener-submitted stories. I sent in the tale of how I lost my virginity on the 3-part episode, Vino & Virginity, if you are interested in that. This week, I offered another peek into my sex life by sharing a fingering faux pas. Prepare to clench your legs!

I adore this podcast and it’s fabulous show-runner, Moxie. I can’t say enough about how magnificent and necessary it is right now. Trust me on this one!

Listen NOW on Spreaker, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

Website: What’s Your Poison?

Instagram: @PoisonPodcast

Twitter: @Poison_Podcast

Facebook: @PoisonPodcast


Email: whatsyourpodcastshow@gmail.com

Text: (757) 52-TABOO

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