Portrait of a Dog.

Author’s note: Sadly, this month has been the most hectic month I have seen in a while. While I wanted to do a multi-post article about Black History Month, time was not on my side to get that completed and will be in another selection to be coming soon. However, I hope this article can help keep a smile on your face and a paw in your hand.

One of my passions is photography. Passed down to me from my late grandfather, photography has been an outlet that could never be graded, nor judged, nor analyzed unless my permission is granted.

Today, I stopped over my brother’s house to wait for a package to arrive. While waiting, I was able to take time to play with my dog-niece, Mocha. Mocha is the sweetest little one-year old beauty.

And luckily, she is incredibly photogenic AND sits still for me to photograph her.

Here is my sweet Mocha:

1. Contemplating life’s greatest questions. 

2. Subtly asking for answers for those questions. img_1358.jpg

3. Modeling her jewelry, the finest in canine costume chokers. 

4. Striking a pose only a model could exhibit, what grace…what poise. 

5. From canine to feline in seconds, always ready at a moment’s notice. 

I hope you enjoyed the look into one of my favorite pets, who is also my youngest niece. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your day and let your pets know you love them!

xoxo, Elle

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