Confidence + Kindness = Faith in Humanity restored.

I’m not sure if I linked an article I wrote entitled “Don’t let a denial stall your job search.” It was about how I was denied a position at the company I really want to work for and the position that I want to be my career.

Well, guess who has two thumbs and had another interview with said company?!


Anywho, I had applied for another position just to at least try and finally be at the company I am in love with. My best friend and former supervisor works in the department where my dream job is. She had let me know that there was an opening going to be announced soon and actually brought up my name to the Team Lead and buttered up to the Lead about me.

As it turns out, the Team Lead absolutely loved my video interviews from the previous opening and as soon as the spot was open, she sent my information to HR. So the amazingly sweet HR manager called me yet again(we’ve talked many times about many positions), and we scheduled my interview for Thursday.

I studied the company and the position like studying for a goddamn final exam. I took out my legal pad portfolio where I keep my copies of my resume and the business cards that I have been given for safe keeping. I filled two whole pages with the history of the company, the big wigs, community service, accolades, full description of the position, and also sort of stalked the interviewers on LinkedIn. I even went through some sample interview questions and formulated a few questions of my own for my interviewers.

I get there on Thursday and meet the two wonderful Team Leads. We had an amazing time conversing about the job and they only asked me one “interview question”. The rest of the time we talked about the company and talked about my employment history and I had asked both of them why they had chosen CSC and they appreciated my research about them and the company. Then, I was taken out to the floor to observe a team member at work and ask them questions. The young man I spoke with was candid about why he loves the company, why this company is so far ahead of others, and he even said he wishes I get the job. One of the Leads walked me out to the entrance and I headed home and took a much needed nap.

That’s where the story turns sour.

I wake up from my nap and go to take my engagement ring off to wash my hands after using the bathroom. That’s when I noticed my ring wasn’t on my hand. I immediately tell my fiancé and I wanted to scream.

Panic sets in and a deep depression slowly started to set in. I didn’t have time to have an anxiety attack. I had to go pick up my stepson and visit my grandmother in the hospital which was already upsetting. But she’s such a firecracker and she loved seeing us. It was getting late and we all went to bed.

Friday comes along and I am feeling like the worst piece of excrement on the entire planet. I didn’t talk, I didn’t smile, I was numb. Basically, a non-cannibalistic zombie. We tore up my car and the entire house looking for my ring and we found nothing and we planned to search the company’s parking lot in the morning.

Cut to this morning where I was literally poised to cry at any moment. We wake up and get McDonald’s for breakfast as comfort food and head to the company. We search the lot frantically and retrace my steps to the front door and back.

As we were walking back to the car, the security guard stepped out and asked if we were ok. We let him know I lost my ring on Thursday. He looks at a picture of my ring and says he’ll look to see if somebody turned it in. I closed my eyes and prayed to the Goddess hoping upon hope that a kind person would have turned it in.

Then I hear the guard say “I’m gonna let you put it on her finger” to my fiancé. I look up and almost scream but instead I immediately start sobbing and the weight on my shoulders this morning had finally left my body. I had my ring back. I was whole again.

It was extremely important to me that I found this ring as Monday is my one-year engagement anniversary. Tonight, my fiancé and I had a beautiful dinner thanks to gift cards our neighbor gave us for helping her when her basement flooded.

My entire weekend had gone from awful to amazing in a matter of minutes. At that moment, I truly noticed that my faith in humanity was restored.

Whoever found my ring and turned it in, I hope you know that you saved me from possible self-harm or worse. Making a temporary problem into a permanent solution, if you catch my drift.

Thank you so much. You can’t imagine how relieved I am and I want to thank you in person with the biggest hug that I can muster.

xoxo, Elle

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