Don’t let a denial stall your job search.

After hearing back from an employer I interviewed with that I did notget the job. Of course, this saddened me. Honestly, it pretty much depressed me for days. But I didn’t want to dwell on it. So I wrote an article addressing this on LinkedIn. Here’s a sneak peak.

“We’ve all been there. Excelled in your phone interview, displayed confidence in your on-site interview, and showed the company that you were the right fit and you were excited to continue on in the application process.

And then it happens. Be it a polite phone call or an email. “We have chosen to pursue another candidate/applicant”. It stings. When you thought all your ducks were in a row, you’d aced all the important interview questions and asked some of your own.”

Read more on LinkedIn

I hope this helps at least one person in the same struggle as I am. I would love to speak with people who like to discuss careers and opportunities for growth. It’s very enticing.

xoxo, Elle

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